Islands Of Heaven and Hell

> Disengage your mind and allow yourself to drift upward; elevated by a perspex birdcage —

> Dolphins skip on irridescent waves
      >> there are nacreous skies
            >>> clouded by abalone internals
      >> MIDI hymns hum
            >>> the organ intensifies

> In these places:
      >> time is circular

            >>> Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 20.53.48

      >> there are new directions to move in.

> There are strange things:
      >> the songs of whales
            >>> in quartal chords
      >> the smell of tangerines
            >>> and cherry blossom
      >> sunk cathedrals
      >> elephants
      >> xanthous holothurians



> There are islands:
      >> Arizona mesas
      >> low grey hills
      >> static waves
      >> outposts of Second Life

> Made from these materials:
      >> green glass quivering
      >> blackboard chalk
      >> parma violets
      >> Ecstasy
      >> insect voices
      >> old iPhone cases
      >> buff translucent plastic
      >> flesh of jellyfish
      >> polystyrene

> In the hollows of these islands, there are rivers, lakes, and waterfalls containing these fluids:
      >> chicken broth
      >> Smirnoff Ice and Hooch admixed
      >> Quicksilver
      >> bile from the deep guts of monsters




> Your wristwatch has stopped. You are at the end of the rainbow. Consider that there are spaces like these, which don’t exist and do, all at the same time.

> Each island is self-contained, yet infinite in extent. Some islands repeat their shapes with subtle changes and phase shifts. Some islands are changing shape at all times —you cannot pin down any one fixed form. Some islands are in all the shapes they can be at once, as dictated by their internal logic.

> These islands exist insofar as they can be imagined. They also exist because they must, for if these places that don’t exist didn’t exist, everything that does exist couldn’t exist.

      >> whoa

> You hear the singing of angels. There are angels of diverse species of animal, plant and fungus, and there are also the angels of non-living objects like clouds, oceans and chaises longues. Their language is strange and abtruse. It sounds like this:

      >> c262861a332706aa55b64a7075fb7f4c

      >> b25a82f5748d30b37d121e51ba52e4b3

            >>> You don’t understand a word.

> The lights go off. It’s time to travel back to Earth by means of whichever ride you can catch.




This piece was created for (in)commensurable, an exhibition in at Gallery40, Brighton, UK, 10-12th December 2015.

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Pigeon Cocktails

Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl

1oz Pigeon Milk
2oz St. Germain
1oz Napoleon Brandy
½ tsp Crushed Ammolite

Combine all liquid ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Stir for approximately 10 seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass over crushed ice. Sprinkle with Ammolite.

Altenburg Trumpeter

3oz Glen’s Vodka
½oz Hammerite (black)
dash Beef Consommé
dash L’Eau D’Issey

Spray a coupe with consommé and perfume. Drizzle Hammerite over the back of a spoon. Add vodka and serve.

Bohemian Fairy Swallow

3 Ziganov Cherry Cigarettes
2oz Kweichou Moutai
1oz Pocari Sweat
3oz Sauternes
3 Cloves

Discard the cigarettes. Muddle Moutai, Sauternes and Pocari Sweat in a Highball glass with ice and cloves. Break the glass underfoot.

Ice Pigeon

2oz José Cuervo Silver Tequila
½g Ketamine
1oz Black Bear’s Bile
2 Fox’s Glacier Mints

Wash a cocktail glass out with crushed ice. Crush mints with Ketamine and stir with tequila and bile in a mixing glass for three seconds. Strain into cocktail glass.

Parlor Roller

1 Ferrero Rocher
1oz Benedictine
1oz Elderflower Cordial
1 Swan’s Egg-white
1oz Grey Goose Vodka
100 Self-adhesive Rhinestones

Decorate a margarita glass with rhinestones, inside and out. Balance Ferrero Rocher (unwrapped) on a large ice sphere. Beat egg white. Pour Benedictine, elderflower, vodka and egg white. Garnish with a slice of cucumber and dried lime.


3oz Johnny Walker Red Label
3oz Clamato®
1 Baby Mouse (Frozen)
1oz Red Caviar
Pinch Cayenne Pepper

Blend ingredients, strain into a Collins glass and garnish with mouse.


Reproduced from Roulade issue 3, Alchemy, at Husk, London, 6th of September 2015.